The Godfather


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Nearly fifty years from its release, Francis Ford Coppola’s epic tale of business remains one of the greatest movies ever made.

Adapted by Coppola and Mario Puzo from Puzo’s best selling novel, it was 1972’s blockbuster, and made even more money than predicted.

It was also the film that restored the reputation of Marlon Brando, who won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Don Vito Corleone, as well as catapulting young talent to stardom, including Al Pacino, James Caan and Robert Duvall.

For poster collectors, the most popular image is the two tone design depicting Brando in profile designed by Fujita, and featuring in most European territories.  The original Italian Fotobusta is a very attractive format for a poster, measuring c 18 ins x 26 ins, so manageable in size (but larger than its US equivalent, the Lobby Card), and featuring the Fujita profile as well as scenes from the movie, many fairly hard hitting.

This example features Fredo and Vito Corleone, after the Godfather has been gunned down.  And the oranges are there…..








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Very nice original condition, with no significant issues. It has a very light vertical fold in the centre, and some lightly punched stencil numbers (in the top right quarter and above the main title - these are original from when the film was put into circulation and are barely noticeable). The shimmering effect in the bottom right corner is flash photography reflection, not a flaw on the poster.



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