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The summer cinema of 1975 was dominated by Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster, Jaws, based on Peter Benchley’s best selling novel.

It had everything – drama, action, genuine shocks, humour, one liners, and of course that iconic soundtrack.

The trio of male leads had fantastic chemistry, and it’s hard to think of many sequences to beat Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider in that (not big enough!) boat.

With scenes much imitated and parodied, Spielberg gave a master class in shooting action and building tension.

As a result, the film remains one of cinema’s best loved and re-issued and re-watched movies.

And for film fans and poster collectors, the original movie poster image by Roger Kastel has a place in history.  Instantly recognisable, and highly sought after.

Original advertising materials from the movie’s initial release are harder and harder to come by, and as a result, their value continues to rise.

This is an original US Lobby Card produced for the international market (hence no Ratings box, but otherwise exactly the same as the domestic cards) on the movie’s original release in 1975.  It is #8 in the set of 8, showing a scene with all three main characters, as well as border artwork with the iconic shark design by Kastel, which has made the poster one of the most collectable “modern” posters.








Poster Artist:


B+ info icon


Very good condition card, tiny closed pinholes at the corners and a couple further in, only slightly visible in the blue



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