The Man With the Golden Gun


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Roger Moore’s second outing as 007 also starred Christoper Lee as the brilliant but deadly Scaramanga, Britt Ekland as Agent Mary Goodnight and Maud Adams as Scaramanga’s mistress.

Bond is in pursuit of the missing Solex Agitator, an invention with the capacity to solve the world’s energy problems and, with the 1973 energy crisis in the real world still fresh in people’s memories, The Man With the Golden Gun brought Bond bang up to date.

But not surprisingly, Bond isn’t the only one looking for such an important piece of technology – enter Scaramanga, a paid assassin who kills his victims with a golden bullet.

Although the film met with mixed reviews, with criticism of some of the action scenes and people still not really on board with Moore’s more humorous approach to the role, nowadays Roger Moore’s version of Bond has a very large following and original film posters and lobby cards are highly sought after.

This original vintage lobby card is Card #2 – James and Mary Goodnight (Ekland) have a narrow escape.