The Big Sleep


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Robert Mitchum’s second outing as Chandler’s Philip Marlowe, and for many film fans, he was a better Marlowe than Bogart three decades earlier.

Interestingly, although this moves the setting and time to present day (1978) London, it’s probably a better adaptation of the original novel, and is certainly worth a watch.

Michael Winner curbed some of his excesses, and also assembled a stunning supporting cast, including James Stewart, in fine form as General Sternwood, and many leading British actors of the time.

This is Card #1 from the set of 8 Lobby Cards produced on the film’s original release.  The set benefitted from the same Amsel border artwork of Mitchum and Candy Clark as appeared in the original main cinema posters, and this features a scene with a crumpled Marlowe being questioned by the police, with John Mills looking on.


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