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Erich Segal’s novel was actually written after his film script was commissioned and was published (on Valentine’s Day, 1970) a few months before the film was released.

It was a clever piece of marketing by Paramount: the book became a best seller worldwide, and by the time the film was released in December of the same year it was eagerly anticipated and was an instant box office success.

The original film score won an Academy Award for Francis Lai, and the opening music ‘Where Do I Begin’ later became a number one hit for Andy Williams.

In an age-old tale, Love Story starred Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw as two young students from very different backgrounds who meet and fall in love. Their romance flourishes and despite family opposition they marry, but before long Jenny (MacGraw) falls ill.

The film also starred Ray Milland as Oliver’s old-school father, Oliver Barrett III, and introduced Tommy Lee Jones, as Ollie’s college room-mate, Hank.

The set of lobby cards for the film feature the main poster campaign artwork on one side and a scene from the film on the other.

This original release US cinema lobby card is Card 7 and shows Jenny cheering at an ice hockey game.









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