Appointment in Honduras


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If you’re looking for an interesting, impactful and original movie poster, but are working to a budget, there are plenty of options.

One of the best ways is to consider B movies and other less well known titles.  Television was attacking cinema in the 1950s, but there were still very many new movies put into distribution  All the studios did their best to attract their audience  by the main means of promotion available in the days before social media, the internet and television( for many) – that is, the power of the poster, mainly displayed in or outside the cinemas.

The producers needed immediate impact – so look for action, bright colours, taglines to hook you in…..  The B movies may not have had big name stars, but they did everything in their power to sell tickets.

Another way is to look for smaller and different formats – such as the Window Card.  Measuring 14″ x 22″, and with a blank area at the top (in which the cinema/playing dates were written in).

This is both; 1953’s Appointment in Honduras.  And it’s from RKO, a studio which always produced great poster artwork when owned by Howard Hughes.









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Very good condition, on heavy card stock, with just a few minor signs of age and wear



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