Utopia (Atoll K)


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The story of the long, painful production of Laurel and Hardy’s last movie, is well known to their many fans.  The French/Italian financed film featured a cast of European actors (poorly dubbed in the English speaking versions) and a visibly unwell Stan and Ollie.  It was always dismissed as awful.  But it isn’t.

There was an interesting premise, and Laurel and Hardy were much more like their 1930s characters than the studio-imposed versions which were a staple of their 1940s features.  The recent BFI restoration is stunning quality, in a reasonably good and comprehensible edit, and is definitely worth watching.  The film itself had a sporadic release worldwide, generally under the title Atoll K (or Robinson Crusoeland in the UK).  In the US, it was finally released in 1954 as Utopia, and the distributors chose to use nice artwork of Stan and Ollie, looking better than they do in the film, and majoring on the fact that this was their first new movie in many years (their old films were by then very popular on tv).

This is the rare original US Insert poster.  It has a few repaired tears and some staining, but is complete and displays well like this, or could be conservation backed to tidy and restore it to virtually pristine condition.









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There are a few edge tears that have been repaired and some staining at the bottom. But the poster was never folded, and when mounted and framed the worst of the staining would be covered and it would display well.





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