The Philadelphia Story


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A socialite from a wealthy family is at home preparing for her wedding but all plans are thrown into disarray by the arrival of her ex-husband and a tabloid journalist.

Katharine Hepburn played the socialite, Tracy Lord, and the role was to revitalise her career.  It’s hard to believe now considering she had already got her first Academy Award under her belt  (for Morning Glory) and during a long and successful career went on to win three more, but by the late 1930s after a series of commercial flops (including the brilliant screwball comedy, Bringing Up Baby) she had become ‘box office poison’.

Cary Grant played her ex-husband, Dexter Haven, while James Stewart was cast in the role of Macaulay Connor, the tabloid reporter sent to cover the wedding.

There were also great supporting turns from Ruth Hussey as Celia Imbrie, the photographer sent along with the reporter,  child actor Virginia Weidler as Dinah Lord, Tracy’s young sister, and Roland Young as Uncle Willie.

The film was a success, rejuvenated Hepburn’s career, won two Oscars and has become a much loved classic.  In 1956 it was successfully re-worked into a musical, High Society, with another stellar cast.

Any paper from The Philadelphia Story is extremely hard to find, and this original card is a wonderful close-up of Hepburn and Stewart.










Good condition. There is no damage in the image itself, apart from some slight staining in the centre of the bottom border, which extends slightly into the image. There is a very small part of the bottom left border corner missing.