Singin’ in the Rain


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One of the great Hollywood musicals.

Nearly seventy years after its release in 1952, this light romantic comic tale of the transition of the movies from silents to sound still sparkles.  The Technicolor was and still is beautiful, and the song and dance sublime.

And it features probably Gene Kelly’s best performance, with more than able support from Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds, as his best friend and love interest respectively.  Not forgetting the often overlooked  Jean Hagen, as the co-star whose voice doesn’t quite work in the sound era.

The film’s lasting popularity has helped to make its original cinema posters and other advertising materials very popular.  This popularity has been helped by the fact that the main poster has such a memorable design, and all 8 of the Lobby Cards feature great scenes.

This is card #1, the Title Card, from the original Lobby Card set that accompanied the movie on its first cinema run.  It’s the same great image as is in the main larger posters, and is a fantastic (smaller and more affordable) alternative.











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Very nice original condition card, with censor stamp and just a few smudges and a stain, mainly in the border areas, and minor pinholes



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