Rear Window


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The 1950s was probably Alfred Hitchcock’s classic era, when he controlled all the aspects of his movies, a true auteur.  He typically combined a loose plot, usually set off by a “Macguffin”, with a slightly ambiguous leading man in a dangerous position not of his making, and lots of female sex appeal from his blonde leading ladies.

1954’s Rear Window was more than that, almost a study in claustrophobia and voyeurism, and with real danger and suspense.  The combination of James Stewart with Hitchcock’s favourite blonde, Grace Kelly worked well, with different chemistry from the Kelly/Grant pairing in To Catch a Thief.

Original movie posters for this title are particularly collectable.  This example (in the rare Insert format) is from an early (1962) re-release, the first Hitchcock feature in the cinemas since 1960’s big hit, Psycho, and has the benefit of an image of Hitchcock, which often enhances the collectability of original posters for his films.  It features a variant of the original artwork, with rear windows, the faces of James Stewart’s and Grace Kelly and very prominent binoculars, conveying the movie’s themes well.









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This Insert poster, on card stock, is in great original folded condition, but the folds aren't very prominent, and it is complete, unblemished and bright



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